How to change the color on Renu devices - Leviton Blog

How to change the color on Renu devices

One of the benefits of Leviton’s Renu devices is the ability to quickly change the color of an installed device to one of the 19 other options...

Learning Your Service Panel - Leviton Blog

Learning Your Service Panel

In residential circuits, power is generated at a very high voltage and is stepped down to 7200VAC by transformers located at substations throughout

LED Bulbs and Dimming

LED Bulbs and Dimming

You may have noticed the staggering rate at which LED bulbs are gaining popularity.



An arc-fault is an unintentional arcing condition of the electrical current in a circuit.

Back Wiring vs. Side Wiring - Leviton Blog

Back Wiring vs. Side Wiring

Did you know you can back wire or side wire a Leviton electrical device such as a wall outlet, light switch, motion sensor or GFCI? 

Leviton SmartlockPro Combination AFCI/Switch

Leviton SmartlockPro® Combination AFCI/Switch Named EC&M Product of the Year Category Winner

Leviton is pleased to announce that its SmartlockPro® Combination AFCI/Switch has been named a 2015 Product of the Year Category Winner by

How Universal Dimmers Work

Tech Talk – How Universal Dimmers Work

When electricity was first introduced into the home, folks were happy to be able to simply turn a switch and watch as the electric light turned on.

How to install a Leviton USB Outlet

How to install a Leviton USB Outlet

In this blog post, we'll show you how to wire a Leviton USB Outlet.

Keep Your Electrical Resolutions with Leviton’s “Project of the Month”

It’s a new year and Leviton wants to help you keep your resolution to pay more attention to the electrical needs of your home.

Holiday Safety Tips- Outdoor Decorating - Leviton Blog

Holiday Safety Tips - Outdoor Decorating

While holiday lighting and electrical decorations do contribute to the splendor of the season, they can also significantly increase the risk fires...