Take a moment to get to know Lee!

The Commercial & Industrial team is proud to announce that Lee Kessler just celebrated his 25th year at Leviton! Take a moment to get to know Lee!

Why did you come to Leviton in 1994?

I was up in Albany working construction and I was laid off. I came back to Long Island and took an aptitude test at the New York State Unemployment Office. My scores on this test made it so that I was able to go back to a technical school – Suburban Tech – where I got an Electrical Degree – all paid for by New York State! Long story short, I graduated top of my class and the placement office at the school got me an interview with Leviton and here I am 25 years later!

What is the biggest difference between Leviton in 1994 and Leviton today?

The biggest change is the way Leviton is organized. When I started, I would work on projects for Telcom, on Residential products, on Commercial products – whatever I was asked to do. Now we are organized and focused and work with a PAC process. I think this change is really what helped Leviton become the global company it is today.

What has not changed?

The people! There are 16 people celebrating their 25th anniversary this year! I have met the best people at Leviton – lifelong friends. It really is amazing!

What do you consider your biggest success at Leviton during your 25 years here? What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the relationships I have made. I really like being the go-to guy for some many people internally and with vendors. I have held positions in 6 different departments, and I feel like I know a little bit of everything Leviton! I have learned that respect and the willingness to Make it Happen goes a long way in relationships, no matter who they are with.

What keeps you excited to come to work every day after 25 years?

To quote my VP, Mike Mattei, I like that I am running around at 100 miles per hour with my hair on fire every day!

While you’ve worked with some of your colleagues for many years, what’s something they may be surprised to learn about you?

Well, no one would be surprised to know I am a huge Yankee fan, born and raised in the Bronx! And I am pretty sure everyone knows how much I love my daughter Rachel, but I think people may be surprised to know that I love music and dancing! My girlfriend and I go dancing every Wednesday and Friday night. Besides that, I am an accomplished cook – I roll my own sushi – I still consider myself to be a skilled mason and an expert on home repairs, going back to my days in construction. I also love my cat Gray!