Submetering for Energy Efficiency in Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)

As utility costs continue to rise, building owners of multiple dwelling units (MDUs) need solutions to improve energy cost allocations and tenant billing.

Single utility meter readings make the energy bill distribution uneven between tenants. This creates an inefficient solution with no incentives for tenants to conserve energy.

Submeters are a smarter and less expensive solution for MDUs as they cost a fraction of the price of a utility meter and can be installed near the building’s breaker panel. Another option includes adding individual meters to each unit in an MDU. Both solutions allow gas and water meters to be integrated as well.

Submetering gives tenants the tools to manage their housing budgets, create transparency in billing and fairly allocate energy costs among residents. It also enables property managers or third party billing companies to generate accurate bills and bill tenants directly for their utility usage and lower operating costs.

Implement Modern Tenant Billing Solutions

VerifEye Submetering Solutions offer cost-effective scalability and integration. This gives building owners a modern tenant metering and billing solution. VerifEye also provides easy future expansions as business needs change.

The VerifEye Advantage

The Series 8000 offers a seamless solution for smart submetering. Simplify allocating energy costs and billing tenants. Minimize usage of electric, water, gas and other utilities for long-term cost savings.

  • One unit provides interface for electric, water, gas and steam meters
  • Engineered design minimizes installation labor and material costs

The Mini Meter™ is a compact solution that can be easily installed in each unit of an MDU. With minimal wiring, Mini Meters are a cost-effective solution for installing individual meters.

  • Fair cost allocations for units and common areas
  • Easy-to-retrofit and robust wireless communication system with small footprint

The VerifEye line also includes BMO web-based Tenant Billing software. However, VerifEye’s open architecture allows for easy integration of water and gas meters as well as third party billing companies.

In the next part of our series, we’ll explore the benefits of submetering in commercial offices and mixed-use spaces.

For more information on VerifEye Submetering Solutions, visit or view our ezLearn course on “Submetering Applications: How to Put It All Together with VerifEye

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