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Over the past five years, Cat 6A adoption has increased dramatically, becoming the dominant media type for 10 Gb/s networks. Data centers, hospitals, schools, and other enterprise networks applications like wireless and power over Ethernet all rely on Cat 6A cabling for greater bandwidth to meet today's data demand. And when comparing costs per port of equipment, maintenance, and assembly of 10G Ethernet, Cat 6A and twisted pair has become significantly more cost-effective than other technologies.

Successful Category 6A cabling projects require proper design, planning, products and installation practices. Installation for Cat 6A projects is different from previous generation structured cabling systems: Cat 6A cable may differ from previous generation cable, and will change installation requirements for routing and handling as well as design of pathways and spaces.

Leviton's Cat 6A Interactive Reference Guide gives you a better understanding of these requirements to more efficiently plan, bid, and install a Cat 6A system. The comprehensive guide covers all aspects of Cat 6A, including installation tips, standards, general environments, product recommendations and termination instructions.

Take a quick peek at the new guide in this video:

Download this free 90-page interactive guide today, and kick off your next Cat 6A project the right way.