Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

Sprucing Up Your Bathroom - Leviton Blog

Let’s face it – even the oft-forgotten bathroom needs some sprucing up from time to time. We have some great ideas to add a dash of style, a hint of freshness and improve the overall look of the room with the right lighting.

Starting simple, some nice fresh flowers or a green plant will bring nature’s beauty inside and naturally freshen the bathroom. Cut some pretty flowers from your own garden for an expense-free way to add color every day.

Install a Humidity Sensor and Fan Control for a trouble-free way to reduce excess condensation, keeping the bathroom fresh. This device automatically detects excess humidity and activates the ventilation fan to effectively lessen condensation which helps reduce mold and mildew.  Plus, it helps save energy by automatically operating the fan only when needed to control excess humidity. Yes, no more fan running for hours because someone forgot to turn it off!

Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

Update your style by changing wall hangings, pictures, throw rugs and shower curtains each season. You’ll be amazed how something so simple can add a little lift. And it doesn’t take much time to do.

If you are feeling really adventurous you may want to re-grout the tile. You just don’t realize how dingy that white grout has become until it’s all bright and shiny new! Plus, good grouting helps keep water from seeping behind tiles; another way to help prevent mold and mildew.

Re-grout the tile

Replace you basic ON/OFF switch with a dimmer. You never appreciate how great it is to be able to adjust the light level until you actually can!  Just think about a nice relaxing bath in dimly lit room and then, poof, raise the lights for applying make-up or shaving. And, keeping lights set at mid-level for everyday use helps save energy. 

Last, but certainly not at all least, is a GFCI with guide lights. Safety is always number one on our list so if you don’t have a GFCI outlet in your bathroom upgrade today. Our GFCI Guide Light model has two LEDs, automatically providing a soft glow when the room is dark. Perfect for guests and nighttime visits.

Leviton GFCI outlet with guide lights