Simplifying Data Center Network Design with Universal Fiber Cassettes

Simplifying Data Center Network Design with Universal Fiber Cassettes

Polarity is a critical part of any fiber network. In a nutshell, polarity means that a fiber optic link’s transmit signal at one end of the cable must match the corresponding receiver at the other end. While this concept might seem simple, it becomes more complex with multifiber cables and MPO connectors.

The Method B approach is a popular way to address polarity in both duplex and parallel transmissions. It uses key up connectors on both trunk ends to achieve a transceiver-receiver “flip” so that the fiber located in Position 1 arrives at Position 12 at the opposite end, the fiber located in Position 2 arrives at Position 11 at the opposite end and so on. This method simplifies the design requirements for trunks and patch cords, but traditionally requires specific pairing of different cassettes at each end, as the polarity flip occurs in the cassette.

Leviton has introduced new Universal Polarity Fiber Cassettes that help data center managers simplify things even further. The Base12 cassettes allow for the same interchangeable cassette on both ends of a Method B trunk in a fiber channel, reducing the complexity of a fiber network, ensuring consistent polarity, and streamlining network deployment.

The universal cassettes come with additional benefits:

  • Easier moves, adds and changes – Ongoing network maintenance is made easier by allowing network administrators to inventory a single cassette type, rather than worrying about multiple cassettes and polarity tracking.
  • Cleaner and safer connections – Patent-pending LC shuttered adapters with IP5x rating keep out dust and debris, and protect technicians from laser light exposure, with no dust caps to remove, store or throw away.
  • US Manufacturing – Quick-turn production and US manufacturing provide performance assurance and product availability that data center operators appreciate.

The new Base12 MTP® to LC cassettes come in 12- or 24-fiber options, and they are available across Leviton’s three popular fiber patching platforms:


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