A Simple Tool for Faster, Neater, Effortless Cable Installations

Network cabling installers and IT managers require the right cable management in racks and cabinets to simplify maintenance, speed up installation, and create proper cable bend radius protection. Leviton has introduced a new Cable Management Clip that gives these installers faster, neater and more efficient management of their category-rated cable. The clip can support up to 24 cables, and is ideal for handling larger, heavier cable such as Category 6A.

The Cable Management Clip saves time and provides a simple way to manage individual cables on the rear of patch panels. When installing cables, Leviton tests found the clip to be 90% faster than securing cables individually with ties or fasteners, and 42% faster than tying down 6-cable bundles to a rear cable bar.

The individual spring clips add bend radius control and create a cleaner layout in dense installations. They also improve the visibility of labeling and legends on individual cables.

Take a closer look at the Cable Management Clip with this 50-second video overview:

The clip attaches to the Leviton Standard Cable Management Bar, which is included with Leviton Flat 110-Style and QuickPort Patch Panels (the clip is sold separately). 

Learn more about the new Cable Management Clip at Leviton.com/CableClip.