Selecting the Perfect LED Lighting Control: What You Need to Know

Selecting the Perfect LED Lighting Control

LED lighting is sweeping the industry, with numerous facilities upgrading to energy-efficient, low-wattage and aesthetically pleasing LED lights and fixtures. Despite the many advantages of LED technology, determining the correct dimming and control solutions for LED lighting systems can be challenging. Leviton controls provide effective and reliable solutions with an expanding range of control options for the LED market. LED technology is here, and Leviton controls are here to stay.

Selecting a Compatible LED Control Solution: What You Need to Know

An LED control solution is made up of several components:

- Lighting Controller—Runs the driver

- Driver—Runs the LED lamp/fixture

- LED lamp/fixture—Controlled by the driver

Driver System

The setup of the system dictates what controls you’ll need to properly control the LED lights. When you’re planning an LED control solution, it’s important to understand that different driver types require different solution technologies. In order to ensure a compatible solution, first determine:

  1. What kind of driver does the LED system have?
    The common types of drivers include:
    1. Switching
    2. 0-10V VDC Sinking Dimming
    3. 0-10V VDC Sourcing Dimming
    4. 0-120VAC Forward Phase Control Dimming
    5. 0-120VAC Reverse Phase Control Dimming
    6. DMX
    7. Color Changing/Tuning
  2. With this driver type, what are the options for control?
    Once you determine the driver type, you can move on to selecting the perfect LED control solution for your application. Leviton offers a wide variety of controls to meet all LED system types and application needs.

The chart below features shows all Leviton LED control options and the driver compatibility types. For more solution details visit our Leviton LED control website. You can also download our complete LED Solutions Guide for in-depth guidance through the system design process.

LED Guide Chart

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For a list of commercial LED fixtures tested and proven to be compatible with Leviton controls, see our Fixture Compatibility List. Not seeing your fixture? Take out the guesswork with our commercial LED testing service! With selection tools and product solutions, Leviton is here to bring your lighting control into the energy-saving future.