Rhino-Hide® NEMA Wiring Devices for Shore Power

Rhino-Hide NEMA Wiring Devices for Shore Power

Leviton’s brand of Rhino-Hide® NEMA plugs, connectors and receptacles support a wide variety of applications in the most rugged environments. Our line of Rhino-Hide® NEMA wiring devices stand up to all the challenging conditions of the wet atmosphere your marina is a part of.

These notable devices are compatible with other manufacturers and hold enclosure NEMA ratings of 3R, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 12, 13 and IP ratings of IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69K. These are the ultimate rugged electrical wiring devices ready and able to withstand water, dust, submersion, high-pressure, and high-temperature steam cleanings!

This line of plugs and connectors are ideal for marine locations and are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a classification society with a mission to secure life, property and the natural environment of marine-related facilities. The Rhino-Hide NEMA wiring devices hold the highest watertight ratings of any device in their class! The device’s threaded locking connections secure their spot as the only submersible device in its class while also keeping them unaffected by high vibration environments, making them perfect for shipyards, docks and ports.


The physically demanding surroundings of a ship yard suffer from exposure to weather, chemicals, vibration and strain. Corrosion and unmaintained devices can cause overheating, increasing risk of an electrical fire, but also make your electronic equipment work harder, reducing their life span. The Rhino-Hide NEMA wiring devices is your go to source for reliable shore power. Our stainless steel and coated aluminum components provide superior corrosion resistance to bare aluminum, especially in your dockside salt-air surroundings. The devices black oxide coated stainless steel assembly screws also prevent corrosion from exposure and galvanic activity between screws and receptacle flange.

You want to provide your employees and equipment with the safest work environment possible. Rhino-Hide NEMA wiring devices provide the security of an industry exclusive self-closing cover. This automatically sealing cover keeps the receptacle protected from your waterside hazards when not in use. The cover cannot be lost or left off helping to prevent electrical damage to equipment or tampering that could cause an electrical fire. Also, exclusive to the industry is our integral receptacle hasp that provides OSHA lockout/tagout capabilities for added safety.

The Rhino-Hide NEMA plugs, connectors, and receptacles from Leviton are designed for use in the most rugged of industrial environments. Continuously blasted with salt water, submersed in mud, or exposed to extreme temperatures, our corrosion resistant design and IP69K rating will keep Leviton a part of your dockside team.