Renu Challenge Q&A - Sara Davis


What room will you install your Renu devices in? Why?

I am installing my Renu devices in my boys' bathroom. Their bathroom is outdated (decked out in brass and other 90's decor), and it's dying for a transformation. The Renu devices are fun and colorful, and I knew they would be a great jumping off point to redo this bathroom.


Which color(s) did you choose for the Renu devices? Why did you choose these particular colors?

I chose the Rich Navy Renu devices for my room transformation. I selected this color because I think it's the perfect color for the boys' bath. It's fun and playful but it can grow into something more sophisticated - just like they will!


Do you plan on coordinating or contrasting the Renu devices with the walls/surroundings?

I plan on coordinating and contrasting the Renu devices with the wall/surroundings. I used the Renu rich navy color and am adding some decor items in the same color. The walls will not be the rich navy, but they will work with the navy.  The navy will one of the (fun!) color pops in the space.


What is your favorite room in your home to design? Why?

I like designing bedrooms and bathrooms since they allow a little more creative freedom. I find that I can be a little more bold and have more fun with colors in bedrooms and baths that would not necessarily work in "main" living areas (family room, dining room or kitchen).