Renu Challenge Q&A - Jordan Grantham


What room will you install your Renu devices in? Why?

I'm installing the devices in my home office/art studio. Because this is my creative space, I can be more daring with my design choices than the rest of my home. I figured that was the perfect place to try something fun and quirky with the light switches. I have a plan that I'm very excited about!


Which color(s) did you choose for the Renu devices? Why did you choose these particular colors?

I chose onyx black plates and white switches. I was inspired by the fact that the room I'm working on is my art studio, and I have various gallery walls with my artwork around the room. I love to frame my art with white mats and black frames, and I wanted to incorporate the switches seamlessly into my gallery wall. I'm excited about how the black plates really frame the white switch and make it look like artwork, which works perfectly with the space.


Do you plan on coordinating or contrasting the Renu devices with the walls/surroundings?

As I mentioned in the previous answer, I plan to incorporate the switches into my gallery walls. It's the first time I've ever considered the light switches as part of my design plan, but I think it will be an important detail that makes the room distinctive within my home.


What is your favorite room in your home to design? Why?

My favorite room to design is whatever room I'm working on at the moment! But seriously, I've loved every project because each room presents unique challenges and circumstances. I'm having a blast working on my art studio/home office as part of this challenge because this room is MY space, and I'm making it extra fun and playful to bring out my creativity. Since my husband doesn't use the space at all, I have free reign to incorporate my personal style and bring in more feminine touches than the rest of our home.