Renu Challenge Q&A - Jamie Lott


What room will you install your Renu devices in? Why?

I will be installing the devices in my living room. This particular room was very much in need of a renovation. Also, the outlets had started to yellow (presumably because of the sunlight) while the wall plates were white. This gave my outlets a dirty appearance. 


Which color(s) did you choose for the Renu devices? Why did you choose these particular colors?

I chose to go back in with white on white. I chose this color because of the wall treatments we have planned for the space.


Do you plan on coordinating or contrasting the Renu devices with the walls/surroundings?

As mentioned I above, I chose to go with a coordinating color because of the wall treatment we chose to implement. I didn't want the outlets and wall treatment competing for attention.


What is your favorite room in your home to design? Why?

My favorite room in my home to design is any room I am currently working. As a DIYer it gives me great pleasure to know that we updating our home with great style while saving money and doing it all on our own!