Renu Challenge Q&A - Brittany Shaw


What room will you install your Renu devices in? Why?

I am installing the Renu Devices in my boys' bedroom because their room is made up so cute but it has old beige plates and the outlets are falling out of the wall.


Which color(s) did you choose for the Renu devices? Why did you choose these particular colors?

I chose Black Renu Devices to give the boys room a drastic change without adding much to the room.  I love the idea of black plates with black outlets to match.


Do you plan on coordinating or contrasting the Renu devices with the walls/surroundings?

The Renu devices will all match and will coordinate greatly with my boys' black furniture. 


What is your favorite room in your home to design? Why?

I love to design my kids rooms because they are at such a fun age you can add so many different things in to make a difference.