Renu Challenge Designer - Tasha A.


Tasha A


I'm Tasha and I blog at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body. I love all things D.I.Y. and crafty and am NOT afraid of color! Follow along on my blog as my husband and I renovate and decorate our outdated home one room at a time while juggling full-time jobs and our young twin girls. You are sure to be entertained and inspired!

When designing a room inside your home, how does color inspire you?
"When I design a room, selecting a color scheme is ALWAYS the starting point because it dictates the mood of the room and how I will feel when I am in the room. I firmly believe that color has the power to create changes within us. If I want to feel calm in a room, I gravitate toward blues. If I want to feel energized in a room, I gravitate toward bold jewel tones. So color inspires me to think about the bigger picture of how the room will be used and enjoyed, as opposed to just selecting curating pretty items and using them to create a pretty room."

Room: Home office/Craft room
Using Renu Color: Gold Coast White

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Before Photos
View the before photos of Tasha's Home office/Craft room



Q&A Session
Tasha discusses her plans for the Renu Challenge.



After Photos
See how Tasha transformed her room with the help of Leviton Renu devices.