Post-Holiday Safety Tips

Post-Holiday Safety Tips

Start the New Year off right and get a head start for next holiday season with these important post-holiday safety tips:

  • Take down and put away all electric decorations at the beginning of January.
  • Check for damaged wires, cracked sockets, or burned out bulbs. Discard broken or faulty lights.

Discard broken or faulty lights

  • Make sure that electrical cords are in good condition. Inspect for damaged wires and cracked insulation. Discard damaged cords.
  • Separate and label indoor and outdoor decorations. 
  • Store decorations in a dry location that is safely out of reach of children and pets.
  • Send warranty and product registration forms for new decorations to manufacturers in order to be notified about product recalls.
  • Remove and properly dispose of Christmas trees. The best way to dispose of a tree is to bring it to a recycling center or contact a community pickup service.

Remove and properly dispose of Christmas trees