Pack Away Your Holiday Decorations and Prep for Next Year

Pack Away Your Holiday Decorations - Leviton Blog

Ah, another year, another holiday season gone by. The 2013 holiday season positively flew by, and we can’t lie: we’re suffering from a bit of post-holiday sadness. There’s just something so cheery about the holiday season, and now that it’s over, we’re feeling a bit blue. To combat our sadness, we’re tacking our long list of projects for the New Year, the first of which is to get our holiday decorations organized once and for all. In the past, we’ve simply put things in the attic, but this year, we’ve resolved to get organized. That means storing our ornaments in bins and our tree skirt in a box of its own. Holiday garlands, wreaths, and the like will be sheathed in plastic to keep them safe. Then everything will be brought up to the attic just like in past years – but this year, they’ll be nice and organized!

Thinking of doing a similar organization effort? Might we suggest that while you’re up in the attic (or basement or garage), you install occupancy sensors to keep your lighting in check? Occupancy sensors are a great way to save energy (no more accidentally leaving the attic light on for days!), and are a breeze to install.

Occupancy Sensor

Our motion sensors use passive infrared, ultrasonic, or combined multi-sensing technology, so they can always sense what’s going on around them. Walk upstairs, and they’ll switch ON, but as soon as you leave, they’ll shut OFF, saving you energy and money!

Project attic organization starts now. What are you waiting for?