Night Lights to Keep the Ghosts Away

Night Lights to Keep the Ghosts Away

We'll let you in on a little secret: when we were young, we were deathly afraid of the dark. As in, once the lights went out, we were terrified to leave our bed, convinced that the monsters underneath would come out and eat us alive. If we ever had to use the bathroom once the lights went out, we'd jump out onto the floor a full 2 feet beyond the bed itself, in hopes that by the time the monsters came out, we'd be long gone. To get back in, we'd do a less than graceful running leap, with the assumption that monsters couldn't get us when we were high in the air and mid-jump. Of course, our fear was for nothing…there's no logical reason to be afraid of the dark. And yet, children continue to be afraid at night, and mothers across the country turn to one small tool to keep kids happy when the lights go out: night lights.

Traditionally, when we think of night lights, we think of the small plug-in kind that we keep in the bathroom - but the truth is, there are a variety of styles out there, and its guaranteed that, no matter which space you're looking to light, there is a nightlight out there that's perfect for you. Lighting is one of the smartest ways to maintain a safe household (burglars stray from homes that have lights on inside; this ensures that the family is home and entering the house would be a dangerous task).

Night Lights from Leviton

When you're looking for a subtle glow for a dark hallway, consider Guide Lights. They come in a variety of styles and are perfect for hallways and bathrooms - anywhere where the overhead lights likely go off at night. Guide lights are cool to the touch, and feature a button-style neon light that works in just about any space.

Sensor lights are what most of us picture when we think of night lights. They're a great option for those who are energy-conscious, as they turn on and off automatically, depending on the light level in a room or area. That is, when the overhead lights go out, sensor lights go on. Our sensor lights go the extra mile, as they include a sound-activated night light that turns on in the dark whenever a sound is detected.

We also offer a series of LED night lights which are both economical and energy efficient. Colorful LED lights never need replacing, and offer the perfect amount of light in the dark. They're well-designed to accent a variety of decor styles, and are perfect for bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. We also offer battery-operated lights, if that's more your style. Battery-operated styles are great for rooms in the home which don't offer electrical outlets, such as hallways and closets where plugs might not be as readily available. All of our battery operated lights come with an adhesive mounting strip, enabling you to put them just about anywhere, even underneath cabinets and inside small closets.

With so many options, it's easy to see how you can keep your home free from the late night monsters and ghosts your children fear.

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