New Toggle Slide Controls Offer Tradition with a Twist

New Toggle Slide Controls Offer Tradition with a Twist

Innovations in technology touch every aspect of our lives each day – our phones, our cars, the way we shop and the way we live at home. Technology makes daily living easier, safer and more convenient and is the power behind a seemingly endless array of devices that are sleek and contemporary in design.  But what about those of us who desire all the advances technology has to offer but have an appreciation for traditional design within our homes?

Fear not. Toggle Slide Controls are here!

Classic style and contemporary functionality are brilliantly combined in Toggle Slide Dimmers. Imagine full-range dimming of dimmable LEDs, dimmable CFLs, incandescent or halogen bulbs from a toggle design.  The secret is in the slide bar that sits right next to the toggle. With this clever device you can enjoy the energy-saving benefits of dimming without sacrificing the time-honored design valued in your traditional home.

Toggle Slide universal dimmers tackle performance issues–such as flickering, reduced dimming range, and low level start up–often experienced when incandescent-only dimmers are paired with dimmable LED or CFL bulbs. Plus they offer an on/off preset function which preserves the selected dimmer setting, smooth start-up, gentle-touch control, and fluid slide movement for precise dimming. There is even a soft green LED locator light built within the toggle for easy access in a darkened room (you can disable that if you prefer).

Have ceiling fans? There’s a toggle solution for them as well. 

Our new Toggle Quiet Fan Speed Control is the easy way to turn ceiling fans ON and OFF and regulate how fast the fan spins without the need for utilizing pull-chains from the fan itself. With its classic toggle style, this fan speed control is ideal for traditional homes; allowing you once again to enjoy upgraded functionality without compromising the character of your decor. With 1.5 amps of power and three speeds to select from it’s the perfect upgrade. Remember, only fan speed controls can be used for controlling ceiling fans. Dimmers must never be used as fan speed controls because doing so will cause damage to both the dimmer and the fan.

Why a Quiet Fan Speed Control? This device is specifically engineered to reduce buzzing and/or humming so it’s the perfect solution for bedrooms, home offices, libraries, sunrooms or any area where ceiling fan noise could become distracting.

So now there’s no reason not to have the latest technology and the traditional look you love. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!