New Leviton Solutions that Make Life Easier for Contractors

New Leviton Solutions that Make Life Easier for Contractors

Contractors are the lifeblood of our business. We're constantly thinking about their needs and challenges, and designing products that make their jobs easier. We'd like our contractors to think of Leviton as the company with not just great products, but products that are easy to work with in the field.

Here are just a few new products making installations easier for contractors:

Atlas-X1 Connectors

Atlas-X1 Connectors »
Atlas-X1 connectors feature an innovative wire manager that helps support fast, tool-free termination, reducing installation time. And all Atlas-X1 connectors feature the same termination process across the entire platform, Cat 5e/6/6A.

The connectors have also been tested and approved for use in air-handling spaces (plenum rating by UL to meet specific requirements for flammability and smoke density, in accordance with UL Standard 2043.

IT/AV Systems

Plug-and-Play IT/AV Systems »
Leviton IT/AV Systems combine category-rated structured cabling with audiovisual signal extenders over HDBaseT certified links, creating plug-and-play solutions with no programming required. These systems allow contractors to extend AV signals over twisted-pair cabling with the same tools used for installing datacom infrastructure. Contractors can then test and certify the installations to Ethernet standards to ensure high-signal performance after they leave the jobsite.

QuickPlate Tempo Wallplates

QuickPlate Tempo QuickPort Wallplates »
QuickPlate Tempo Wallplates save installation time by eliminating the need for a low-voltage box or mounting bracket in datacom installations. With patented integrated drywall wings, installation is as easy as using the built-in guides to mark and cut the hole in the drywall, and then inserting the wallplate and tightening the screws.

Plenum-Rated In-Ceiling Bracket and Surface Mount Boxes

Plenum-Rated In-Ceiling Bracket and Surface-Mount Boxes »
The QuickPort In-Ceiling Bracket provides the ability to create a testable permanent link for cabling that terminates above a drop ceiling or in a plenum space and protects the link throughout the remainder of the construction process. The bracket is ideal for Ethernet-enabled devices that mount on or above the ceiling tiles, such as WAPs and cameras.

Plenum-rated QuickPort Surface-Mount Boxes attach to the In-Ceiling Brackets, protecting the termination and providing strain relief. This combination, when used with plenum-rated patch cords and cable, creates the ideal system for air-handling spaces above a drop ceiling.

In-Wall Bracket for IP Devices

In-Wall Bracket for IP Devices »
In-Wall Brackets provide a testable permanent link for flush-mount IP devices that attach to standard electrical box. This allows the contractor to install, test, and warrant a data connection during initial installation.