Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day - Leviton Blog

With Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to start gathering ideas for their special day. We all know the best gifts come from the heart so here are a few thoughts to get the ball rolling.

Fill a basket. Think about what makes the Mother in your life happiest and fill a pretty basket with her favorite things. Maybe she enjoys reading – a basket of best sellers is ideal. Perhaps she likes to pamper herself every now and then – a basket of creams, lotions and fragrant soaps would make her day. We’ll bet she needs some relaxation time – how about a selection of her favorite teas or coffee with some gourmet biscuits. 

Gift Basket

Dinner you say? Every Mom loves to be taken out for dinner but let’s face it; Mother’s Day is pretty crazy at restaurants. So, why not make plans to take her out the week before or after Mother’s Day? Her favorite dining spot will be less hectic so she can really savor the evening.

Back to nature. Getting away from the house for a while is always a good thing. How about a picnic in the park or at the beach? Gardens or nature preserves also provide a relaxing setting for a meal al fresco. Prepare and pack up all her favorite foods and enjoy the great outdoors together.

Lend a hand. Do you have a senior mother in your life? Think about spending some time helping to sort through her closets or basement. You’re thinking this can’t possibly be fun; but once you stumble upon all the old photos and memorabilia the stories will start flowing. Do start or end the day with a nice meal together and have plenty of her favorite treats on hand for break time.

Take a photo. Time passes so quickly and what better way to hit the pause button than to capture a moment on film. Now, we’re not talking about selfies. Gather all the kids – young or old – and head to a portrait studio for a professional photograph. Have it beautifully mounted and framed and watch as Mom’s eyes light up when she opens it.


Make her life easier. There are so many ways to make a mom’s life easier but we have an exclusively-Leviton suggestion. Install some motion sensors in areas of the home where the lights are always being left on. Think children’s bedrooms, basements, bathrooms, family rooms…It will save mom a lot of daily running around and, even better; you’ll never have to hear “turn the lights off!” again.

Leviton Occupancy Sensors

If all else fails, just buy her the little red sports car she’s had her eye on.