Measuring and Managing Energy to Score LEED V4 Points

Measuring and Managing Energy to Score LEED V4 Points

LEED V4 officially launched in November 2013, with more specific and deep-delving strategies for designing energy-smart and efficient spaces. LEED V4 is designed to provide a more holistic approach to sustainable building design with improved environmental outcomes and market sector improvements. This shift in focus for LEED V4 includes incorporating energy and water monitoring solutions to measure the effectiveness of energy efficient technologies.

What are submetering point eligibilities in LEED V4?

The process to earning LEED V4 certification has remained largely unchanged from past versions of the program—projects must submit plans that meet certain point thresholds to be considered and earn that coveted LEED building seal. Incorporating specific technologies and techniques earn different point values, which are specified in the LEED V4 documentation. In LEED V4, incorporating metering strategies goes even further in earning points:

  • Building-Level Energy Metering—earn points for permanently installed meters capable of load aggregation for whole-facility energy use (electricity, gas, steam, water, BTU, etc.)
  • Advanced Energy Metering—earn points for more granular metering capabilities including data reporting for consumption (kWh) and demand (kW) at a minimum of every 60 minutes, and the ability to interface with LAN, BAC, wireless network or other advanced communication protocol
  • Demand Response—earn points for installing metering equipment capable of receiving and responding to demand response signals from utilities

See below for more details on LEED V4 metering points.

LEED V4 Metering Table

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VerifEye Submetering Solutions provide everything your project needs to earn LEED V4 metering points including meters, communication solutions and BMO 3.0 web-based software which includes a Code Compliance Module, specifically designed for LEED and other code requirement projects (including IECC, ASHRAE 90.1 and Title 24). Create a scalable solution for any sized LEED V4 project or application.

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