Making The Home Brighter, One Smart Switch at a Time

Making The Home Brighter, One Smart Switch at a Time

We all love our homes, even if they’re not very smart, but home ownership can be very challenging.

With the addition and installation of even a few smart devices, residences can become more energy-efficient, more user-friendly, and more comfortable. Smart switches, bulbs, thermostats and appliances have revolutionized the way we operate and control our homes.

Anyone who can use a screwdriver and a smartphone has the ability to operate a variety of intelligent devices. Homeowners are now thankful for hands-free operation of any newly installed technology via smartphone app; or with the addition of the Google Home device, Amazon Echo or Dot. Voice control is now on the tip of your tongue.

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The ‘G’ Family of, consisting of two parents and two toddlers, identified the most effective use of smart home products, by selecting three rooms in their home to install Decora Smart with Wi-Fi technology by Leviton. The nursery, den, and master bedroom were the choices for their first applications.

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