Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Warehouse Application

Warehouses and distribution centers are sizeable, active spaces, with many components. From pallets and people driving forklifts to conveyer belts and HVAC systems. Most warehouses operate on a 24/7 schedule and due to the massive size of these facilities, it can be very hard to pinpoint where energy waste is occurring. But implementing a few changes like upgrading to efficient lighting and implementing control solutions are sure ways to enhance safety, reduce operating costs, save on energy consumption, and improve the bottom line.

Tailor Lighting to Create Safer Environments

Warehouses and distribution centers need consistent, bright light for employees to safely do their jobs. Replacing outdated lighting with energy efficient LED luminaires means that the aisles are well lit and glare free, allowing foot and equipment traffic to travel safely throughout the warehouse. Product labels are highly visible, and flicker free lighting makes it easy to spot moving machinery and prevent accidents.

LED fixtures also give off less heat, have longer life spans, and require significantly less maintenance than metal halides or sodium lamps. Whether you need high or low bay luminaires, downlights for maximum light output and smooth distribution or gasketed and vapor proof fixtures suitable for extreme temperatures, energy efficient LED lighting can meet all these needs and more.

Improve Space Functionality and Energy Efficiency

Lighting control systems which are flexible and scalable also deliver great benefits for warehouse and distribution center operations. Facilities can create schedules, control specific zones throughout the warehouse and add occupancy sensors to ensure less frequently used spaces are not being lit unnecessarily.

Submetering systems can also be implemented to measure, monitor, and manage loads on the main warehouse floor including the back of the house, offices, and loading docks to provide data showing how energy is being used and where energy improvements could be made.

Leviton offers spec-ready and code compliant commercial lighting and control solutions specifically designed for warehouse facilities. Provide better visibility and enhance safety while reducing lighting in unoccupied aisles for additional energy savings. Contact Leviton to learn more about creating a lighting and control solution to meet the unique needs of your warehouse, cold storage, or distribution center application.

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