Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Hospitality Applications

Hoteliers are constantly striving to create unforgettable guest experiences while maintaining a functional and efficient property. Cultivate a welcoming, safe environment for your guests, which builds brand loyalty and repeat business by implementing a lighting strategy using energy efficient LED lighting and controls.  

Create Dynamic Scenes in Hospitality Environments and Save Energy 

Build the anticipation of a great stay from the moment your guests first glimpse the hotel. 

  • Enhance exterior architecture and landscaping using energy code compliant lighting controls with daylighting and scheduling technology 
  • Take advantage of elegant lighting options to transform lobbies, meeting spaces, and dining establishments in dynamic ways 
  • Augment the décor and atmosphere to enhance the moods of its occupants 
  • Guide guests safely through high traffic areas with architectural pendants and downlights 
  • Provide clear, bright task lighting that can be adjusted for productivity during business stays or dimmed down for a relaxing leisure experience 
  • Positively impact operating costs with efficient LED lighting fixtures  

Back of the house operations can also benefit from advanced lighting and control installations.  

  • Ensure staff travel hallways and stairwells safely using occupancy sensors and wireless control systems that provide instant illumination  
  • Help food and beverage departments with vibrant, low glare lighting during prep and service 
  • Parking garages and parking lots can be equipped with control systems to take advantage of natural daylighting  
  • Meter, monitor, and manage energy usage in every area of your hotel with submetering equipment to understand where energy is being used or wasted and uncover potential cost savings without sacrificing guest comfort or security 

Leviton offers spec-ready and code compliant lighting and control solutions designed for hospitality applications. The need for hoteliers to attract new business and build brand loyalty, all while reducing operating costs, is more critical today than ever before. Contact Leviton to learn how to implement a long-term lighting and control plan designed for the unique needs of your hotel that will return immediate energy savings and enhance guest enjoyment in every aspect of their stay.  

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