Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Health Care Applications

Health care facilities are as varied as the people they serve and the treatments they provide. From hospital emergency rooms, family practices, dental offices, and cosmetic surgery suites to assisted living complexes. Several common needs shared by health care facilities of all capacities are to enhance the patient experience, improve the ability for staff to provide care, and reduce energy consumption.

Tailor Lighting to Create Relaxing Environments and Improve Care

Installing energy efficient LED luminaires and lighting controls help facilities meet these needs by creating calm and relaxing environments, promoting healing and well-being, and improving lighting so staff can better diagnose and treat patients.

  • Lobbies and waiting rooms can often be anxiety inducing areas for patients and families. Installing architectural LED fixtures that provide high quality tunable light help to create calm and welcoming spaces to put patients at ease and make all visitors comfortable.
  • Hospital rooms equipped with lighting controls can enhance circadian rhythms to promote the healing process as well as give patients the ability to control their own lighting and environment with simple keypads or touchscreens.
  • Operating rooms, labs, and cleanrooms see a wide range of users throughout the day who all need customizable task orientated lighting while balancing high sanitation and safety standards.
  • Quality lighting can improve the ability for staff to provide care, diagnose, and treat patients in exam rooms by rendering skin tones accurately to help detect illnesses such as jaundice, rashes, infection, and other conditions with visual cues.
  • Recessed luminaries or downlights can cut glare at reception desks and nurse stations as well as corridors.

Improve Space Functionality and Energy Efficiency

While many spaces in health care facilities operate 24/7, reducing energy usage in less frequently occupied areas or those which only operate during regular business hours can help drastically improve the bottom line.

  • Lighting control systems give health care administrators flexible and scalable solutions for conserving energy by creating schedules and scenes, taking advantage of daylight harvesting technology, or sensing when a space is occupied or vacant.
  • Corridors and stairwells illuminate instantly when occupancy is detected so staff can travel safely from floor to floor.
  • Audio visual and other plug-in equipment in offices and meeting rooms will not needlessly draw electricity overnight when powered by a controlled receptacle.
  • Wireless systems require little down time for installation as there are no wires to pull, making it ideal for retrofits.
  • App-configured systems with ladderless commissioning make installation simple, especially for facilities with patients who are sensitive to noise or disruptions.

Leviton offers spec-ready and code compliant commercial lighting and control solutions specifically designed for health care facilities. Promote patient health and well-being while increasing functionality for staff to provide optimal care in health care applications. Contact Leviton to learn more about creating a lighting and control solution to meet the unique needs of your health care application.

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