Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Grocery Applications

Grocery chains and independent store owners face numerous challenges when it comes to lighting their aisles. A successful store must find a balance between making shopping an enjoyable experience for customers while maintaining efficiency and profitability for the store.

From showcasing the freshness of produce to meeting energy code compliance; grocery stores have very specific needs. The use of cost-effective lighting and control solutions help reduce energy consumption and keep customers engaged from the entrance to check out!

Tailor Lighting to Influence the Purchase Decision Process

Installing energy efficient LED lighting gives stores the ability to showcase products in the best light possible. Implementing the right lighting design can make produce colors appear more vibrant and contrasting colors will catch the customer’s eye--carrots will look crisp, tomatoes deep red and delicious.

In the dry goods aisles, top, bottom and middle shelves will receive equal lighting, so logos are distinct and labels easy to read. Customers are more likely to interact with and purchase an item when they can see it clearly in a well-lit space. Adjusting the lighting color or temperature can also direct customers to specific areas of a store and draw interest to key high profit margin products.

Improve Space Functionality for Employees and Operations

A store utilizing daylight harvesting technology at the checkout counter can make customers feel more at ease. Salespeople may seem more approachable and friendly interactions between employees and customers often increase. Introducing lighting controls in the back of the house can open even greater benefits for energy cost savings and increase safety.

Scheduling functionality makes modifying changes in business hours during holidays or daylight savings a breeze. Installing occupancy / vacancy sensors eliminate the cost of lighting in less frequently used areas and help prevent employee accidents by ensuring they always enter well-lit storage or restroom spaces.  

Leviton offers spec-ready and code compliant commercial lighting and control solutions designed to fit the specific needs for grocery stores, from the back of the house through the express lane. Contact Leviton to learn how to implement the optimal lighting and control solution to meet the unique needs of your grocery application.

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