Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Financial Institutions and Banks

Financial institutions and banks are ever evolving to meet the needs of their customers. This forward-thinking approach often includes creating highly functional spaces and plans for decreasing energy usage. By installing energy efficient LED luminaires and lighting controls in a bank headquarters or throughout the interior and exterior areas of a regional branch, financial institutions of all sizes will benefit from an increased bottom line, reduced energy consumption, and an enhanced customer experience.   

Banks have multiple spaces that can benefit from the right lighting and controls.

  • Ensure customers can easily find their way as they enter bright and safely lit parking lots, drive throughs or ATM vestibules
  • When lobbies are filled with natural welcoming light, visitors feel more at ease and comfortable
  • Energy efficient LED cylinders, pendants, and architectural fixtures deliver beautiful high-quality light to customer engagement areas, encouraging the interaction and wellbeing of occupants
  • Teller stations benefit from clear, glare free tunable downlights designed to produce a productive atmosphere which can be tailored to fit each unique bank interior

Banking organizations are also embracing the trend of smaller branch footprints and boutique style storefronts. Even in these smaller spaces, banks can still take advantage of reduced operating cost with easy to install lighting systems.  

  • Wireless solutions deliver simple switching, dimming and scene control for banking spaces—these systems are easy to install, require little downtime, and with no wires to pull, blend seamlessly into a modern floor plan
  • Daylight harvesting technologies can be used to take advantage of ambient light and reduce energy usage in public facing spaces while less trafficked areas like the vault can be equipped with occupancy sensors and illuminated only when occupancy is detected
  • Submetering equipment can help banks measure, monitor, and manage how energy is being consumed in specific areas; monitor a room, an entire branch, or multiple branches to understand where improvements can be made, increase functionality, and decrease expenses. 

Leviton offers spec-ready and code compliant lighting and control solutions designed for financial institutions and banks. Create spaces that enhance the customer experience and promote brand loyalty all while delivering energy efficiency. Contact Leviton to learn more about creating a lighting and control solution to meet the unique needs of your financial institution and bank.

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