Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Education Applications

Educational institutions are dynamic environments that cater to many unique teaching methods, events, and needs. Installing advanced lighting fixtures and controls can help enhance functionality in classrooms to support a wide range of teaching methods or create scenes in multi-purpose spaces. Tailoring lighting and controls help create energy efficient spaces that increase functionality while meeting code compliance and enhancing the wellbeing of its occupants.

Tailor Lighting to Enhance the Learning Environment and Save Energy

Traditional fluorescent fixtures have been the standard in classrooms for many years, yet they are wasteful and inefficient. Updating to LED linear or downlight luminaires deliver savings in energy and operating costs and when combined with control systems can create the optimal learning environment.

Educational campuses often include many types of spaces and public areas that can benefit from lighting updates.

  • Classroom lighting can be controlled to increase functionality for a wide range of teaching methods with pre-programmed scenes that can be recalled with the touch of a button
  • Libraries can benefit from LED lighting that promotes visual acuity and when paired with wireless controls keep the lights off when aisles are unoccupied to save energy
  • Large spaces like auditoriums and gymnasiums can also be updated to efficient LEDs and when installed with sensors or a control system, ensure energy is only being used when the space is occupied or pre-programmed with scenes to meet different purposes
  • Stairwells with integrated fixture controls ensure instant visibility as soon as someone enters the space to promote safety
  • Advanced controls can also be programmed to take advantage of daylight harvesting or setup to run specific scenes and schedules in each of these spaces

Leviton offers spec-ready and code compliant lighting and control solutions designed for education facilities. Create spaces that promote occupant wellbeing, all while increasing energy efficiency and improving functionality for staff to provide the optimal learning experience. Contact Leviton to learn more about creating a lighting and control solution to meet the unique needs of your education application.

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