Making the Case for Lighting & Control Solutions in Commercial Buildings and Office Spaces

Tailor Lighting to Enhance the Work Environment

Commercial buildings and office spaces offer functional environments where occupants can be productive and drive success. The right lighting and controls can help enhance the work environment, save energy, and improve operating costs while meeting energy code requirements. It can also have a positive impact on employee wellbeing and attentiveness.

Improve Space Functionality and Energy Efficiency

Design the optimal working environment with energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and controls.

  • Create a great first impression for visitors and reinforce branding using strategically placed downlights or wall wash luminaires in the lobby
  • Draw attention to the reception area with beautiful, yet highly functional architectural pendants
  • Give private office and meeting room occupants personalized control over their environment with room control keypads or touchscreens capable of adjusting lighting and AV components
  • Install control systems with daylight harvesting technology to take advantage of the positive effects of natural daylight while meeting energy code compliance and enjoying energy savings

Other less trafficked areas can also benefit from advanced lighting and controls.

  • Equip stairways and storage rooms with occupancy sensors to provide instant visibility as soon as a person enters the space and ensure energy is not wasted when the space is unoccupied
  • Promote cleanliness standards with lighting in breakrooms and restrooms
  • Help employees make their way safely to and from their vehicles with well-lit walkways and parking garages
  • Measure, monitor, and manage energy usage with submetering equipment to see where energy is being used and where improvements can be made for greater efficiency

Leviton offers spec-ready and code compliant commercial lighting and control solutions engineered for commercial buildings and office spaces. Enhance the work environment and create a positive atmosphere for occupants while saving energy and meeting energy code requirements. Contact Leviton to learn more about creating a lighting and control solution to meet the unique needs of any project.

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