A Makeover for the Data Center

Data Center Makeover

Product Color Options Add Character and Function to Data Center Networks

Data center technicians and operators are a proud bunch. They lavish attention on their equipment and networks as if they were their own children. In fact, we often see server rows affectionately labeled names like “Betty” or “HAL 9000.” That’s why Leviton offers customized products that let these technicians customize their data centers with colors and designs for even more personality.

The C1 Ultra Composite Patch Panel is a perfect example. Users can customize this 2RU 48-port copper panel with any design, color, or logo they want. Many university data centers have installed C1 Ultra panels that sport school colors and logos, and companies who use their data centers as a showpiece customize them as well.

But adding unique designs isn’t just about aesthetics. Data centers make use of custom features for functional reasons as well. For example, one data center customer made the entire left half of their C1 Ultra panels red and the right half blue. The 24 ports on the red side of the panel designated links to the SAN, and the 24 ports on the blue side designated links to switching. Since these two areas are managed by different technicians, color coding makes it clear which side each technician is responsible for.

In addition to separating by color, another data center customer customized the port numbers displayed on the C1 Ultra panels. Most conventional port numbering runs sequentially from left to right, but the 48-port panels are labeled 1-24 on the left side and 1-24 on the right. Similarly, other data centers have customized the port numbering on their panels to exactly mirror the port number layout displayed on adjacent switches.

Beyond panels, Leviton solutions such as color-coded connectors, patch cords, and labels also help to easily identify different networks and DC areas. Leviton offers patch cords and connectors in a myriad of colors to segregate and identify networks. Our QuickPort ® UTP connectors come in 13 colors, and UTP patch cords in eight colors. Secure Keyed LC and Secure RJ systems, used in government data centers and other critical networks, also come in eight colors, and only a matching-color extraction tool can unlock the keyed connectors from a port. How would you deck out and customize your data center networks? The options are limitless.