Light up the night with Leviton

Light up the night with Leviton

Keeping your loved ones safe and secure when they’re away is always one of your top concerns – but are you doing enough to keep them safe at home? From dimly-lit hallways to dark basement stairs, there’s plenty of opportunities to improve home safety while upgrading your space to a trendy, contemporary look. Leviton products carry a wide variety of applications, and lighting up your home is just one of the many ways our illuminated devices can enhance your living experience.

Adding convenience and stylish ambiance to any room in your home is easy with Leviton illuminated switches, and no more fumbling in the dark means you can find your way in and out  as quickly as you need to.

With our GFCI with LED Guide Light, navigating your bathroom or kitchen at night is quick, convenient and safe.  Lighting up your outlet increases visibility, reduces your risk of electric shock, and adds a soft, beautiful glow to your room – all while keeping your sleeping family, well, sleeping!

Leviton Occupancy Sensor

And if keeping your family safe is a top concern, then keeping your wallet safe should be a close second. The Leviton line of occupancy and vacancy sensors and electronic timer switches turn the lights on when you need them, and off when you don’t. You’ll never have to worry about using more energy than you need to, which can add up to big savings at the end of your family’s fiscal year. So what will you do with all that extra money? Go on vacation, and let a Leviton timer create a ‘lived in’ look for your home while you’re away. Whether you’re headed out for a long weekend or going away for the summer, you can rest easy knowing your home is safely lit.

Light up the night with Leviton

Leviton Illuminated switches and Full LED Guide Lights can be placed strategically throughout your home to create a warm, glowing path down your hallway, give a sense of comfort to your young child, or act as a safety marker for an elderly family member. And installing our sensors and timers can add up to big cost savings in electricity each year. Keeping your home safe and saving you money – it’s a win-win with Leviton.

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With more than 10 years of experience in technology marketing and communications, Talia Salvador brings a wealth of knowledge to Leviton in her role as Manager of Marketing and Training for the brand’s residential business unit. Her career emphasis in international business, paired with hands on experience in digital technology and a personal love of all things ‘geeky’ help lend a unique expertise to the brand’s marketing and training initiatives. In her spare time, Talia is a passionate D-SLR photographer, self-proclaimed expert chef, and skilled pianist.