Leviton's Wireless Structured Media Center: Coolest enclosure on the market (both literally and figuratively)

Leviton's Wireless Structured Media Center: Coolest enclosure on the market

Smart home technology is all the rage these days, and homeowners and renters now expect their residential units to be smart home enabled. Recently, Leviton launched the new Wireless Structured Media Center (WSMC) which not only serves as a focal point for all the hardware and connectivity that smart homes need, but also dissipates heat, thus extending the life of active gear.

"Our enclosure allows for extended savings in active gear equipment – so much so that it actually pays for itself," said Bill Slater, marketing manager at Leviton Network Solutions. "Our engineers developed the product to specifically dissipate heat. It's a carefully thought-out design."

Devices that are housed in enclosures that do not have efficient heat dissipation have a shortened life expectancy by as much as 40 percent, as heat harms active gear. "All the enclosures our competitors offer have simpler designs, so heat is not dissipated as efficiently," Slater said. "Other manufacturers just put some random slots in the door."

John Seger, principal technical specialist at Leviton said that heat dissipation for the WSMC was thoroughly tested and designed into the products. "The WSMC models and hinged door components have been tested to maintain a temperature delta equal to or less than 15 degrees Celsius when the enclosure houses equipment consuming up to 100W of power," Seger said. "The goal of this design is to ensure that equipment installed inside the enclosure is maintained at temperatures no higher than manufacturer specifications, which are typically 40 degrees Celsius."

This is the magic pill for active equipment longevity. "It's an effective way to ensure a long life for the products, and to maintain the manufacturers’ warranties," Seger said.

The WSMC offers a plethora of benefits other than heat dissipation. The WSMC's plastic door allows for unimpeded signal propagation, enabling better wireless performance. (Traditional enclosures, made of metal, are a limiting factor with the increased adoption of WiFi technologies.) The door also has a specially designed, tool-free hinge system for fast and easy installation. Additionally, the door has added depth, increasing capacity inside the enclosure.

Furthermore, Slater noted that the WSMC was designed to make life simpler for all customers involved – sellers, distributors, manufacturers, contractors and end-users. "It's easy to install, which makes it easy for contractors," Slater said. "We also offer bulk packs, which makes it easier for distributors to deal with logistics. We’re cognizant of all of our customers and want to take care of everyone who has skin in the game."

With the WSMC's innovative ability to dissipate heat, developers will be able to accommodate smart home trends, ensuring that they stay competitive in the residential marketplace.

To learn more about Leviton's Wireless Structured Media Centers, visit Leviton.com/SMC.