The Leviton Load Center. This Changes Everything.

The Leviton Load Center

With innovative thinking, expert engineering and a keen eye for detail, Leviton takes the load center out of the dark ages straight into the 21st century. 

The Leviton Load Center

Ideal for new construction or renovations requiring an electrical overhaul, the Leviton Load Center has many desirable features for contractors and homeowners alike in three essential elements: Safety, Ease of Installation and Approachability.

“When designing the Leviton Load Center, we went back to the drawing board to redefine what a load center could be for contractors and homeowners,” said Justin Berghoff, Director of Business Development and Product Management, Residential, Leviton. “It had to be intuitive, easy to install and safe. What we created is different from anything on the market today and continues Leviton’s history of pioneering technological advancements.”

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