Leviton Launches Company’s First Mobile Applications

Leviton Apps

New mobile apps create easy touch point for customers to connect with Leviton digitally

Leviton today announced the launch of the company’s first mobile applications (apps): Leviton 2 Go, the Leviton Library, the Leviton Title 24 and Captain Code® NEC®. The free apps from Leviton serve as a major digital stride for the company and were developed with the primary goal of reaching customers in a more efficient and interactive manner.

  • Leviton 2 Go helps customers discover and research the entire Leviton line of products directly from their mobile device. The app simplifies the product investigation process, enabling all users to search through Leviton’s 25,000 products. Users can also scan Leviton or competitor bar codes to generate the corresponding Leviton part number. Users will be able to access all product information including instruction sheets, how-to videos and product drawings directly from their mobile device.  Leviton 2 Go also keeps customers’ up-to-date on the latest information, news and tips from Leviton through push notifications and/or directly from the app’s “News” button. Other Leviton 2 Go functions include keyword searches that enable users to find relevant Leviton product information, the ability to identify product families or products as “favorites,” and access to the full Leviton print catalog in an easy to use intuitive interface.
  • The Leviton Library app provides digitized versions of all of Leviton’s catalogs and brochures, viewable on tablets and smartphones. Through the app, customers are able to seamlessly navigate through all of Leviton’s brochures and catalogs. Users can view brochures grouped by specific product families or by application. The Leviton Library app comes fully equipped with simplified digital navigation and other useful tools directly from the app
  • The Leviton Title 24 app provides an easy point of access to information on California Title 24 2013 lighting controls code requirements, readily available to the customer. The powerful app simplifies Title 24 by organizing information and allowing users to search by application, code language and recommended Leviton solutions that meet code compliance. Through the app, users are assisted in designing Title 24 code compliant solutions by reviewing the app-provided solutions for applications such as classroom, office, retail and restaurant spaces. The app includes diagrams that clearly illustrate recommended code compliant solutions and a summary of the code requirements it meets. Customers are also able to access videos applicable to Title 24 and other design tools such as Leviton’s Title 24 Design Guide and exclusive Code Assist Services. Leviton also offers a complementary online tool for the app at title24.leviton.com.
  • Leviton's Captain Code NEC app is an easy-to-use, comprehensive digital tool based on Leviton’s popular Captain Code literature series produced for electrical contractors, distributors and inspectors for every code cycle. Demonstrating Leviton’s commitment to electrical safety, the 2014 edition features text directly from the National Electrical Code 2014 NFPA 70® publication as well as expert commentary from Leviton engineers and other industry professionals. The material is also accessible via a dedicated web portal at captaincode.leviton.com. Electrical professionals can benefit from the mobile electronic companion piece to the print version of The 2014 Captain Code Pocked Guide. The app also features valuable information on Leviton solutions related to applicable articles, and links back to Leviton.com for corresponding product information. Recognizing that some states are a code cycle behind, the NEC Code Connection website offers downloadable links to previous code cycles in addition to the most current 2014 cycle at www.leviton.com/captaincode.

“The new Leviton apps were wholly developed with our customers in mind, and one indisputable fact about our customers is that they are rarely without their smartphones or tablets,” said David Keller, Leviton’s Senior Director of e-Business. “Providing them with an easy touch point for researching Leviton’s 25,000 products, as well as interesting and interactive options such as list making and bar code scanning played significant roles in the development of these apps.”

More info and links to download the apps can be found on the Leviton website at leviton.com/apps.