Keep Calm and Smart Home On: Leviton Helps make Home Network Installation Easy

Keep Calm and Smart Home On

More and more homeowners and renters expect their homes to be smart-enabled, allowing them to take advantage of the latest home technologies. It’s essential that developers meet these expectations to stay competitive. However, because there are so many potential smart home technologies – including mobile computing, smart speakers, streaming media devices, intelligent thermostats and more – it can understandably be overwhelming for developers and project managers to plan for these devices. Where do you even start?

Fortunately, it’s not as daunting as it seems. "Step number one: you need a Leviton Structured Media Center (SMC)," said Bill Slater, marketing manager at Leviton Network Solutions. "SMCs are the focal point for all the hardware and connectivity that these devices require."

Once the SMC is in place, the home’s infrastructure needs will have a solid foundation. "It's like installing a Christmas tree," Slater said. "First you have to put up the tree. Only then do you choose and place all your different ornaments."

The SMC also provides a basic organizational space and capacity for upgrades and scalability – which is important because home technologies are quickly advancing, and homeowners’ needs are everchanging. "You might have your smart home needs set for now, but what happens when baby number two comes, and you want to change how you use the second bedroom?" Slater asked. "You need to be able to accommodate and adapt to future needs and changes in how you use technology."

Leviton makes home cabling infrastructure projects simple for contractors, distributors and homeowners by creating a convenient online planning tool at Whether it's a single-family home or multi-dwelling unit, developers can easily configure their structured cabling and media components with the online tool.

"You go to our webpage, fill out the form and then a Leviton technical service representative will carefully review the information and follow up to clarify any specific project requirements," Slater said. "The customer also receives a comprehensive list of recommended products, detailing part numbers, quantities and descriptions, as well as links to product and purchase information."

A response will come within one business day and is free of charge.

Developers can also view examples of popular network infrastructure configurations, including populated SMCs for multi-dwelling units, single-family homes, custom homes and student housing at

With Leviton's innovative SMC products, and ability to help customers easily configure and install the devices, developers will be able to accommodate smart home trends and stay competitive in the residential marketplace.