Industry Standards Update

Industry Standards Update

Below are some highlights of active projects from committee meetings during the third quarter of 2019. These include developments in standards for single-pair Ethernet for intelligent buildings, fiber for data center networks, and Power over Ethernet.

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IEEE P802.3cg
10Mb/s Single-Pair Ethernet

Draft 3.4 was circulated following the September 2019 meeting. The standard is expected to be approved to publish in late October 2019.  The standard defines 10BASE-T1L (long reach) up to 1000 meters; 10BASE-T1S (short reach) up to 15 meters. Power delivery up to 50 watts as defined by the 802.3bu (PoDL) standard. Two connector types: IEC 63171-1 (copper LC-style) for enterprise applications and IEC 61371-6 (industrial) for harsher environments.

IEEE P802.3cm
400 Gb/s over Multimode

Draft 3.1 was circulated following the September 2019 meeting, with comments to be reviewed at the November 2019 meeting. The target publication date remains December 2019. The 400GBASE-SR4.2 application supports OM5 cable up to 150 meters, OM4 to 100 meters, and OM3 to 70 meters. The 400GBASE-SR8 application supports OM4/OM5 cable up to 100 meters and OM3 cable up to 70 meters.


TR-42.1 – Commercial Telecommunications Cabling
ANSI/TIA-568.0-E (generic) and ANSI/TIA-568.1-E (commercial) will circulate for a default ballot and are expected to publish by the end of the year.

A second industry ballot will be circulated for TSB-162-B (cabling for WAPs) for review at the January 2020 meeting.  This document is expected to publish in early 2020.

ANSI/TIA-862-C (Intelligent Buildings): At the January 2020 meeting, the committee will consider starting a project to incorporate single twisted-pair Ethernet applications into this standard.

TR-42.7 – Telecommunications Copper Cabling Systems
ANSI/TIA-568.2-D-2A: The first Industry ballot will be circulated for review at the January 2020 meeting. This addendum converts much of the content for power delivery from TSB-184-A to normative requirements as part of the 568.2-D standard.


Modular Plug Terminated Link (MPTL)
TR 11801-9910 ED1: Provides performance specifications for Class D, E, EA, F, FA, Class I, and Class II modular plug terminated links. This document will be circulated as a Draft Technical Report (DTR) for review at the February 2020 WG3 meeting. A target publication date has not been established.

Implementation and Operation
14763-2 ED2: Specifies requirements for the planning, installation and operation of telecommunications cabling and cabling infrastructures including cabling, pathways, and spaces.  A Final Draft (FDIS) was circulated on September 9, 2019. Publication expected in January 2020.

Power Over Ethernet
TS 29125 AMD1 ED1: Amendment that expands the scope to include support for 1-pair (802.3bu PoDL) cabling. A Draft Technical Standard (DTS) will be circulated for voting, with results reviewed at the February 2020 WG3 meeting. Target publication is April 2020.

TS 29125 AMD2 ED1: Amendment that expands the scope to include support for 28 AWG (0.32 millimeter) cords and 2 Amps per conductor. This amendment will be considered for activation at the February 2020 WG3 meeting.