Ideas to Hide Your Visible Load Center

Seven Genius Ways to “Hide” Your Breaker Box (and one you won’t want to hide!) 

As the electrical hub of your home, your breaker box or load center can appear imposing especially if it is located in a visible area of your home. Because electrical boxes are required to be easily accessible, no permanent coverings are recommended, but we can offer some suggestions as how to “hide” the panel from view while keeping it accessible should you need to access it. Of course, you can always upgrade to the Leviton Load Center – no hiding necessary!  In fact, the clear observation door is popular for use in hallways, basements and garages.  

Check out some of our ideas to see if they may work for your home and existing breaker box: 

  1. Add a hinged message board on top. It can be magnetic, chalk, or dry erase. You can also paint the cover of a traditional panel with chalk paint and use it as a magnetic chalk board 

  1. Add a hinge to a canvas or framed work of art – easy and safe 

  1. Create the look of a window by adding framed and hinged shutters, or an old window. Go the extra step with the window by adding images of foliage on the back of the glass 

  1. Add a shelving unit with a hinged or sliding door 

  1. Add a sliding “barn door” for a farmhouse style 

  1. Use peel and stick wallpaper to cover it. Add a frame around it to make it look like artwork 

  1. Add hinges to a mirror 

  1. Replace with the attractive Leviton Load Center 

If you are renovating your home or building a new home the Leviton Load Center offers the ideal solution.  With its sleek, contemporary appearance, optional observation window and attractive white finish, there is no reason to cover the Leviton Load Center. Plus, the Leviton Load Center goes well beyond appearance. The unit is the fastest to install and features industry-leading safety functionality, optional smart circuit breakers and intuitive LED diagnostics. And did we mention that it looks great anywhere? No artwork or painting needed to cover it!