How to protect your home from burglaries

How to protect your home from burglaries - Leviton Blog

Here’s a scary statistic – a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. While not all burglaries can be prevented there are some things you can do to make your home less appealing to a would-be thief.

Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed - Overgrown bushes that are near your house are perfect places for burglars to hide.

Brighten up your yard and driveway – Install driveway lighting, preferably with sensors that will cause them to automatically turn on if someone enters. Also consider decorative uplighting for trees in your yard to eliminate darker areas.

Repair windows – Check for broken windows and torn screens. Always keep windows locked and install window stops that will prevent a window from opening more than 6”.

Check windows

Secure doors - Secure sliders with a wooden rod or metal rod. A door between an attached garage and the house should be safeguarded just like an outside door with the same type of locks that you use on the front and back door. Any window or glass panel in the front door that is closer than 42 inches to the lock should be reinforced with an invisible security film so a burglar can't break the glass and reach through to unlock the door.

Secure doors

When going on vacation, take extra precautions:

Skip the status updates - Don’t post on Facebook that you’re going away!

Skip the status updates

Enlist the help of a neighbor – Let neighbors know that you will be away and leave a number where you can be reached if they notice a car or person in your driveway. Don’t stop your mail as that can also be a sign that you’re away. Instead, ask a neighbor to pick it up as well as any newspaper deliveries. Ask your neighbor to take in your garbage can after the trash collection.

Switch it up - Install programmable timer switches on lights throughout your home that can be activated at different times. 

Programmable timer switches