How to Install a Wallplate 20% Faster

You've cut an opening in the drywall, run your cables in, and terminated the connectors. Now comes a tedious task: installing the wallplate.

But it can be the quickest and easiest step in your cable installation process if you use Leviton's QuickPlate® Tempo wallplates. These innovative wallplates easily mount into the wall with a simple, one-step process that’s up to 20% faster than traditional wallplates.

Plus, QuickPlate Tempo wallplates feature patented rear wings that automatically secure the wallplate firmly to the wall when you tighten the screws, mounting it flush to the wall and eliminating the need for a mud ring, box eliminator, or mounting bracket.

One Step, 20% Faster

Fast Wallplate installation

Step 1: After snapping your connectors into the back of the QuickPlate Tempo wallplate, insert the wallplate into the drywall with the rear wings closed in toward the center of the wallplate and tighten the screws in the front, causing the rear wings to secure the wallplate to the wall.

Fast Wallplate installation

And you're done! It's really that fast and easy. Check out this step-by-step how-to video for a look at the preparation process, including how to measure and cut your drywall, and a complete list of tools you'll need.

You can find QuickPlate Tempo wallplates with the colors and port-capacities that are just right for your project at