How to install a Screwless Wall Plate

How To Install a Screwless Wall Plate

Leviton Decora Wall Plates — available in a wide spectrum of colors and styles — can add subtle elegance to any home. These wall plates can be installed quickly and flawlessly. Just follow the simple steps below.

Tools Required:

  • Voltage Tester
  • Flat Head Screwdriver


1) Before removing the existing wall plate, turn off breaker.
Warning: To avoid fire, shock, or death, turn off power at the circuit breaker or fuse and test that the power is off, using a voltage tester, before wiring!

How To Install a Screwless Wallplate

2) Take the handheld voltage detector and place it against the existing switch checking the wall plate, screws and switch at various points to determine that there is no power present.

How To Install a Screwless Wallplate

3) Once the power is completely off, unscrew the top and bottom screw on the wallplate using the flat head screwdriver. Pull off the wall plate.

4) Place the inner framer over the switch with the top mounting hole lining up over the top screw on the switch. Slide the top hole over the top screw and then push the bottom screw through the bottom opening of the wall plate frame. It may be necessary to slightly unscrew the screws to allow the frame to slide onto the screws.

How To Install a Screwless Wallplate

5) Place the wallplate cover over the switch and installed wall plate frame with the top first then push the bottom on (Make sure the small opening on the wallplate is installed at the bottom of the device for easy removal). Gently push the wall plate to ensure a flush fit.

How To Install a Screwless Wallplate

How To Install a Screwless Wallplate

6) Turn the breaker back on. The installation is now complete!

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