How to Close the Deal on Lighting Controls & Commercial Energy Management

How to Close the Deal on Lighting Controls & Commercial Energy Management

We've all been there. You have a commercial client whom you think would benefit from a conversion from fluorescent to LED lighting. After all, upgrading from fluorescent to LED lights can reduce energy consumption by half. When those retrofits are combined with lighting controls, including dimmers, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting, there's an additional 20-40 percent in energy use savings*. The utility bill cost savings will far exceed any initial upfront investment your client might have to make.

The real challenge is how do you sell the project when a client may be wary of a large upfront investment?

The best way is to engage your clients in a discussion before they finalize their construction budget, said Dave Darrah, master electrician at Gringo Dave's Electric Service in Colorado Springs, Colorado. "I mention how it's going to save them money on their utility bill, that gets them interested and gets them in the conversation," he said.

Once you're begun the discussion about an LED retrofit with controls, move from the monetary savings on utility bills to explaining how better lighting can further boost the bottom line by improving employee health, concentration, productivity and turnover.

Leviton can help you complete the installation with the following commercial lighting controls and energy management devices:

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*Typical energy savings will vary based on application.