HDX Splice Modules Bring Field Splicing to Ultra-High-Density Networks

HDX Splice Modules bring field splicing to ultra-high-density networks

When it comes to network infrastructure, data center managers often have two questions on their minds: how can space be conserved within the data center, and how can network infrastructure be installed in a flexible way to accommodate future speeds? Leviton understands this. Which is why in 2019, Leviton introduced the innovative HDX Splice Modules – effectively merging the flexibility of field fusion splicing with ultra-high-density fiber networks.

The modules — including both an LC module and an MTP module — continue Leviton’s efforts to make fiber optic network deployment easier, cleaner and safer. HDX Splice Modules contain field termination capability in ultra-high-density footprint to minimize patching space and increase flexibility during installation and MACs. They also add a level of flexibility and network upgradeability previously unavailable – making the modules an excellent choice for next gen networks.

Leviton's HDX Splice Modules are the first and only MTP fusion splice module on the market, and make migrations from 10 to 40, 100, 200 and even 400 Gb/s possible in legacy cable installations without prolonged downtime, or scraping the entire base of installed fiber. This saves the expense and the waste of prematurely ripping and replacing fiber cable that is still suitable for the network requirement.

Additionally, the modules integrate the fiber adapter bulkhead and splice holders, eliminating the need for splice trays – making them a great option for growing, crowded data centers.

The HDX Fiber Splice Modules made such a splash when they hit the market in 2019 that they won gold in the 2019 Cabling Innovators Awards. The annual award program is put on by Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine, and celebrates the year's most innovative applications of cabling and communications technology products, applications and projects.

Making life easier
The HDX Splice Modules come with a pre-routed, color-coded pigtail for faster, cleaner network deployment in field termination applications. Their clear cover and innovative splice holder protects splices for safer and easier access from the front of the rack. And they are designed for easy access: only one hand is needed to install and remove the clear cover. A thumb latch allows for one-handed removal from the panel or enclosures. This eases the termination process, and minimizes unnecessary movements during the initial install and later moves, adds or changes.

Additionally, the HDX Splice Modules are part of the HDX platform of frames, rack-mount enclosures, panels and wall-mount enclosures, which focuses on ultra-high density, engineered for network manageability. The splice modules have the same patching form factor as HDX cassettes and adapter plates, and the same method for inserting and removing from enclosures and panels. This creates consistency and familiarity for all areas of the network, across installations and throughout future MACs.

To learn how to easily install the Leviton HDX MTP Splice Module, watch this video: 

To learn how to easily install the Leviton HDX LC Splice Module, watch this video: