Great Tips for Outside Spring Cleaning

So, how’s the Spring cleaning going?  We hope you are making progress inside your home but what about the outside?  Yes, the flowers are beginning to bloom and that’s nature’s cue to make your list of outdoor tasks and even get the entire family involved (kids make great weeders and would probably enjoy sprucing up their swing set). Here’s a quick checklist:

Rid the garden of dead leaves and debris

The winter months leave behind a big mess in the garden and if dead leaves and weeds aren’t removed flowers and bushes will not thrive. You will need a good pair of gardening gloves for this task.

Check gutters

The garden isn’t the only place leaves and debris build up. The gutters on your home are a perfect resting place for leaves and twigs. If they are not removed you are certain to have problems when it rains. 

Clear Gutters

Paint and Shutters

The exterior surface of your home takes a pounding from the elements. Check for peeling or cracking paint and for loose shutters. Make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Fill cracks in walkways and driveways

We all had a particularly harsh winter and all the snow, salt and shoveling takes a toll on the integrity of the pavement around your property. Check for cracks and fill them immediately.  It will look better and be safer.

Clean the deck

By now your wood deck is probably looking a bit worn and can use some TLC. We bet the deck furniture stored in the garage or basement can also use a good scrubbing. And, how about the BBQ? You’ll need to clean the grill and shine it up. Memorial Day will be here before you know it so by doing a little bit each week your deck will be ready for the big weekend in no time.

Got a pool?

Ditto the deck routine. And be sure to check filters, pumps and ladders.

Lawn Equipment

When setting up your hoses visually inspect them for cracks and leaks – then turn the water on which will surely show any small punctures. Mowers, edger’s etc…should be checked and worn parts replaced. Be sure any electrical equipment is free from cord damage.

Don’t forget the birds!

If you have bird feeders, they too have had a rough winter and could use a good cleaning before refilling. You will be rewarded with a beautiful show courtesy of Mother Nature.


Outdoor lighting

A well-lit home is a safe home – inside and out.  Take inventory of all outdoor lighting, replace burnt out bulbs, clean fixtures and remove any debris that may have built up. If you don’t already have timers in place now is a good time to install them. Timers save you the daily chore of switching on all the outdoor lighting when it gets dark and switching it off in the morning. Plus, it’s a great feeling to know that when you are not at home it will look like you are when the lights turn on. Good outdoor lighting makes for a safer path to the front door for you and deters anyone who you may NOT want to make their way into your home.

Outdoor Lighting