Go Bright with Fun Paint Colors in Your Home

Go Bright with Fun Paint Colors in Your Home

Ever seen the show Colorsplash on HGTV? It’s one of our favorites. Host David Bromstad is a big fan of bright, punchy shades of color that turn even the most drab homes into fabulous interiors worthy of magazine covers. While we can’t all have a celebrity designer to help us bring our home up to speed, we can all do just what David does on the show: experiment with bright colors. Ask any interior designer in the world, and they’ll tell you: paint is the #1 easiest way to update your home. You’d be amazed what a fresh coat of paint can do (whether bright or muted). With a new season upon us, we’re feeling the itch to change it up. How about you? Since we can’t undertake any huge home renovations, and we’re not exactly in the market for new furniture, we’ll be taking Mr. Bromstad’s advice, and spicing it up with some bright colors in our space.

Bright Room

Think bright colors aren’t for you? Don’t let that stop you from trying something different. Remember, paint is just that. It’s only paint. If you attempt to turn your dining room a bright turquoise shade only to realize you really prefer moody grays, don’t fret – changing it back as easy as taking a trip to the hardware store. If the idea of repainting an entire room has you feeling a bit woozy, consider this: start with a smaller space, like the inside of a closet, or the back of some bookshelves. You can go bright without going big – even tiny little pops of color can make a huge difference. There’s no need to paint a whole room if that’s simply not your style.

So, have we got you convinced? As you select new paint colors for the rooms in your home, consider this: Leviton has a series of colorful switches, dimmers and outlets to match. No more ugly outlets ruining your beautiful new paint job. Our Renu line of outlets, switches and dimmers comes in 20 different popular paint colors, and is such a hit that it’s been featured on the DIY Network. Whether you’re looking for outlets, a series of dimmers, or plain old light switches, make sure that your finishing touches get the same treatment as your walls. You’d be surprised how professional a room can look when everything on the walls simply blends in.

The Renu Color Palette

Wondering how it works? On our website, you can mix and match your own perfect shade using our interactive color palette. You’ll also find an installation demo to help you switch it up, as well as a series of electrical accessories to choose from, whether you’re looking for dimmers, combos, GCFIs or the common switchplate.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find your perfect match!

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