Get More Function From Your Fixtures With LLLCs

What’s the most influential lighting innovation that’s offering facilities savings and additional control solutions? That would be Luminaire Level Lighting Controls, also known as LLLCs. LLLCs combine energy-efficient LED fixtures with integrated controls (such as occupancy/vacancy sensors, photocells and room controllers) directly into the internal fixture design. By making each fixture its own unique control, customers can maximize an array of benefits:

Increased Energy Efficiency and Savings

  • Networked lighting control systems deliver an estimated 47 percent energy savings on average
  • Combine that with the additional benefit of integrating the controls into fixtures for out-of-the-box functionality and simplified installation with less wiring

Scalable and Flexible Solutions

  • Connected lighting with LLLCs allows for limitless re-configuration and re-zoning as the needs of tenants and the space evolve over time
  • A number of systems allow you to simply reprogram smart fixture settings, zones and behaviors directly from a smartphone app

Enhanced Lighting Quality and Environment

  • Enhance mood and visual comfort for a positive impact on a space and its occupants
  • Optimize working and learning spaces, boost comfort and productivity levels, and promote occupant well-being

Additional Cost Savings Through Rebates and Incentives

In some cases, LLLCs can also provide eligibility for more cost savings through rebate and incentive programs. The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) has created the Qualified Product List (QPL) that sets rigorous specifications for Networked Lighting Controls, including LLLCs. DLC listed products are engineered to some of the highest industry standards of quality and efficiency.

This list is used by state and local utilities to create rebate programs that can provide significant incentives for LLLC upgrade projects. For information on your area’s DLC rebate programs, visit the DLC website.


The Intellect™ Integrated Intelligent Fixture Control System offers an advanced LLLC solution that provides out-of-the-box distributed control flexibility with the ease of app-based configuration. This streamlined solution provides greater freedom of design and specification.

Intellect delivers a simple, scalable and highly flexible solution to easily design and implement distributed intelligence for luminaire level control, producing the right amount and quality of light where and when needed. Virtually any fixture can be Intellect-enabled.

Each Intellect-enabled fixture integrates wireless occupancy/vacancy sensing, multi-zone daylight harvesting, individual fixture or circuit control, scene control and manual control. All commissioning is completed with the only setup tool needed—the Bluetooth-enabled Intellect App.

Intellect-enabled fixtures can be used to comply with IECC, ASHRAE 90.1, and 2019 Title 24, Part 6 requirements, and are listed on the DLC QPL for Networked Lighting Controls.

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