Get Fit, Stay Fit with a Home Gym!

Summer is just around the corner and today more than ever we’re looking for ways to keep healthy and stay fit without visiting a gym or fitness club. During the colder months its tough, but we have a solution. If you have a spare room or some extra space in your basement, why not create a home gym? Large or small, having a dedicated space within your home where you can go to focus on your personal fitness goals is important for self-care.

Here are some tips along with the ideal Leviton products to help create the perfect home gym your entire family can enjoy.

Utilize space wisely

Take time to plan, detailing what equipment you want and/or will need to reach your fitness goals and be certain your space can accommodate it. You may consider one or two large pieces, such as a bicycle or treadmill, and then add smaller items like a yoga mat, free weights, and a jump rope which can be stored away when not in use.

Analyze your infrastructure

Evaluate the space you plan to use for the following:

Power – Large electric exercise machines may require a dedicated 20-Amp circuit to supply the needed power. Check out our full line of 20-Amp outlets – we have a large selection of styles and colors. And don’t forget to keep your devices charged so your workout apps or music don’t phase out on you. See our complete line of USB Charger Devices to select the best option for your needs.


Flooring – Rubber mats are a great option for any home gym because they can be used to cover most types of existing flooring, from cement to hardwood. Rubber mats come in a wide variety of sizes, are durable, and most importantly, are effective in absorbing shock and impact from high energy workouts and equipment. Update your floor space by installing a Pop-Up Floor Box Outlet. It’s the modern, practical way to attractively conceal your wiring devices within your flooring, while still providing accessibility to power when needed. It takes only the press of a button to make the outlet available.


Lighting – Nothing sets the mood and energy level for your workout as effectively as good lighting. From bright to dim, it’s helpful to coordinate the light level to reflect your activity. When planning your lighting scheme, remember to consider the amount of natural light in the room as well as the location of a television you may plan on watching during your workout to eliminate glare. Dimmers offer the most logical solution for managing light level; dim lights for yoga/meditation and brighter for high energy activities. For added convenience, step it up to a Decora Smart® Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa Built-in. Just use your voice to dim or brighten lights, listen to music, get the news and more!

A final healthy thought…

Switches and wallplates are two of the most frequently touched surfaces in the home, often leading to the daily build-up of bacteria. To help combat the spread of harmful bacteria and provide an extra layer of protection, consider replacing your current switches and wallplates with Leviton Antimicrobial Switches and Wallplates. When cleaned regularly, the antimicrobial additive inhibits 99% of bacterial growth.









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