Five Gifts for the Electrician in Your Life

Five Gifts for the Electrician in Your Life - Leviton Blog

Is it just us, or does it get harder and harder each year to shop for all the people on your holiday list? It’s not that people are picky, but year after year, it can be hard to think creatively for all the folks on your list. We might not be able to offer a one-stop shop for all your friends and family, but we do have you covered on one front: electricians. Hey, what can we say?  We know electricians! Here are five gift ideas for the electrician(s) in your life.

1) Tools. It’s a known fact. Every guy loves tools! They make men feel manly. There’s nothing like a boasting power tool to help you say, “Look at me! I can build things!” When it comes to electricians, we’re talking about those who really love tools, more than the average person. Whether you’re getting a giant toolbox or just a few specialty items to put under the tree, tools are a great gift option for the electrician in your life.

2) Electrical Tester. Now we’re getting into specifics. To the average person, this might seem like a silly gift, but as it turns out, the best holiday gifts are usually the ones that people can actually use. After all, we can only use so many wallets and iPad cases. For electricians, electrical tester kits are a great gift, one they can bring to work every day. Generally, they’ll feature an easy to read voltmeter that makes locating shorts and open circuits easier, as well as a continuity tester and a relay and component tester. These are really important tools in any electrician’s toolbox, so chances are, the electrician in your life will love this gift.

Electrical Tester

3) Headlamp. Another great practical gift idea. Electricians spend most of their days crawling through dark spaces, working with wires. Headlamps make their jobs easier, giving them light when they need it without rendering one of their hands unusable as a flashlight would. Most LED headlamps can keep a 40-foot area light and bright, which can make a big difference in his next job.

Electrician's Tool Belt

4) Electrician’s Tool Belt. Trust us, he’s going to love this one! Sure, he might have an electrician’s tool belt already, but a brand new one will have him smiling from ear to ear. With removable pouches, he’ll be able to carry only the tools he needs at any given time. Wide-open pockets for tools, drills and spare parts make it easy to come to the job fully prepared. Meanwhile, a padded belt with a mesh interior makes it both breathable and comfortable. A comfortable way to have all his tools in one place…what could be better?

5) A Leviton E-Store DISCOUNT! We've saved the best for last, and here's a gift you can pass on just for reading this blog post! Tell him to use checkout code BLOGXMAS for a 15% Discount on his next Leviton E-Store order.

And that, folks, is a wrap!  We just spoon fed you five great gift options for the electricians in your life. Happy shopping, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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