Fiber Optic Fundamentals: Connector Options

Fiber Optic Fundamentals: Connector Options

The type of fiber connector you choose ultimately will be influenced by the fiber transceiver interface. There are quite a few connector types available, including LC, SC, MPO, ST, FC. However, this list has consolidated recently based on trends in transceivers. While you may encounter more legacy connectors in existing enterprise networks, such as ST or FC, you'll likely be choosing between an LC or MPO connector moving forward.

Here's a quick look at the four most common connector types:

Leviton LC Fiber Connector  
The Lucent connector or "little connector" is a small form factor latching connector and is keyed for standard A/B duplex polarity. It has a 1.25 mm ferrule and is half the size of an ST or SC connector. It is also available in duplex.
Leviton MPO/MTP Fiber Connector  
The MPO or multi-fiber push-on connector can accommodate up to 32 fibers and is keyed for array polarity. MTP® is a high performance MPO connector, trademarked by USConec Ltd.
Leviton SC Fiber Connector  

The Subscriber connector is a push-pull connector with a 2.5 mm ferrule and is keyed for standard A/B duplex polarity.
Leviton ST Fiber Connector  
The Straight Tip connector uses a twist lock coupling and a 2.5 mm ferrule. While it was once the most popular connector for multimode networks, it is now a legacy connector and is difficult to use in high density duplex applications. It is no longer recommended by TIA.


For help identifying older legacy fiber optic connectors, see the Fiber Optics Association Connector Identifier web page.

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