Earth Day Focus: Striving for Sustainability

Earth Day Focus: Striving for Sustainability

As we approach Earth Day on April 22, we caught up with Chloe Barnard, business development manager for Leviton Network Solutions, to learn about what positive changes are happening in the industry to improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. Chloe builds and maintains client relationships in the UK from Leviton’s London office.

Has sustainability become a bigger priority with customers for their network projects? 

Absolutely. Sustainability is a huge focus for clients. This is particularly true for the London market, where there is a strong emphasis on more carbon conscious buildings. These efforts have been gaining momentum for some time, but the UN Climate Change Conference held in Glasgow in 2021 really put a spotlight on the UK for sustainability. Many UK companies are trying to lead the way in this area, and this kind of change has been really great to see.

What are some of the requirements you are seeing from customers? 

Nearly every company I support today has sustainability goals, and each are unique. Many have requirements to understand their carbon footprint in an effort to reach net zero carbon emissions.

Additionally, there is a large focus on sustainable packaging and removing single use plastics. Some companies have stipulations for zero plastic packaging on the jobsite. Ending plastic pollution is one of the major issues that the annual Earth Day event attempts to highlight, as plastic production has risen exponentially in the recent decades, and nearly 11 million tons of plastic waste now in ends up in our oceans. That amount is expected to triple by 2040, according to the United Nations Environment Program. and the UN have introduced resolutions for reducing plastic pollution and initiatives with individual countries.

How is Leviton specifically helping to support customer sustainability efforts? 

Leviton’s UK manufacturing plant is a carbon neutral facility and has been for more than 10 years. This allows clients to make more sustainable procurement choices. Environmental impact is considered at every step of Leviton’s ISO 9001 certified product development process, from initial material sourcing to final packaging and logistics.

We are able to provide detailed information on the embodied carbon of our products. This allows clients to understand the carbon impact of their infrastructure, providing the data required to help correctly offset emissions.

Leviton also has several green packaging options, including bulk pack jacks, brown plain cardboard, reduced ink content and recyclable cable box inserts. This is an important initiative for us, and we are always looking for ways to improve.

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