Deciphering 2018 IECC—Specific Application Controls

Some commercial applications have design and usage requirements that necessitate a unique selection of lighting controls. For such spaces, the IECC energy standard has created requirements to best meet the needs of the area, while still saving energy and supporting IECC’s mission of advancing building efficiency.

In the 2018 IECC revision, the most significant update for Section C405.2.4, Specific Application Controls, was the addition of open offices and their specific independent controls. Read more about 2018 IECC open office requirements in our blog.

Additional changes from 2018 include the requirement that non-visual lighting (for applications such as plant growth, food warming, etc.) be independently controlled by a time switch control, and that dwelling units must now comply with the motion sensor and light reduction control requirements set out by the IECC lighting controls section.

Summary of 2015 and 2018 IECC Requirements
C405.2.4 Specific Application Controls

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Receptacle Controls

Required for hotel and motel guest rooms by IECC, our receptacle control solutions are engineered to meet requirements for identifying receptacles that will automatically be de-energized as part of the plug load control program.

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